Factors Considered in Rating Content Sources

Factors Considered in Rating Content Sources add content source

Image by Jon Gosier Visualizing the various features of the SwiftRiver distributed reputation and veracity functionality.

Things like Time, Location, Activeness as well as Global and Local interaction, are all considered in scoring. Time (green) and Location (dark grey) are optional, for scenarios like a conflict or war. The content producer’s location, or proximity to ‘ground zero’ tells the system to factor this in to its score. Also the length of time that content is produced after the initial event may also tell us a lot. Things like ‘time’ and ‘location’ are optional because if your Swift instance is tracking something like a political scandal, time and proximity may not actually add any value to authority calculations.

Purple represents how active Users 1 and 2 are. In and of itself how much someone uses a Swift instance is irrelevants. It could mean that they are an eager member providing valuable assistance, or it could mean they are attempting a brute force attack on the system similar to the Figure 1 scenario. However, when coupled with other factors, frequency of interaction is considered and can positively or negatively weight the score for a user.


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