What is a semi decent constant current source?

Question by electronichss: What is a semi decent constant current source?
I need a constant current source but I need to also measure the voltage at the input at the load. Looking for around 6v and 1A current. The load will change by maybe a 6th of an ohm (which is basically no change in my mind), but I need to measure the change in load voltage because of this. Any suggestions. Howland current pump sucks…tried that….Its an easy task but for what ever reason, im really racking my brain on it.

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Answer by billrussell42
there are tons of lab supplies on the market. many of them will work CV or CC, and the 6 volt level means you can use a supply designed to run 5 volt logic circuits.

How good a regulation do you need?

What is the application, perhaps I can suggest a shortcut?

actually with a load that only changes by 1/6 ohm out of 6 ohms or 2.7%, I question that you need a CC supply at all. Since you are making measurements anyway, a higher voltage supply, say 12 volts, with a 6 ohm 20 watt resistor in series should work ok.


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