Minecraft – Mod: Jammy Furniture (1.2.5)

Hey people, today I take a look at a mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 called Jammy Furniture. This mod adds a whole new level of interior design to your Minecraft homes with things like toilets, cookers, lamps, sofas and much more. As usual, dont forget to comment, like and subscribe for more 🙂 Link to mod: www.minecraftforum.net Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Steam: steamcommunity.com Music by Epilogue: www.myspace.com Minecraft Mod: Jammy Furniture (1.2.5) TAGS: “minecraft mods 1.2.5” “mods for 1.2.5” “minecraft 1.2” “minecraft gameplay” “minecraft 1.2.5” “minecraft walkthrough” “minecraft update 1.2.5” “minecraft update” “minecraft patch 1.2.5” supremopete notch mojang “minecraft mod” “minecraft show” modding modloader reddit twitter facebook “minecraft forum” mods mod modding 1.2.5 “jammy furniture” forge
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