Furniture Repair & Restoration (Home Improvement) (English and English Edition)

This is a fantastic book.You could actually teach from it it is so detailed and comprehensive.

The author includes the small details that most how-to books leave out.

With this book, you can actually complete a project from start to finish. With most books, there are huge gaps in the information that leave you guessing

Superbly illustrated, packed with detail, and easy-to-follow, this is the ultimate guide to repairing/restoring your furniture.

This volume includes: over 350 colour photos and illustrations; step-by-step instructions for the most commons repairs; easy-to-follow tips for restoring furniture to a professional level; and, much, much more.

Packed with detailed information, “Furniture Repair & Restoration” takes a hands-on approach to repairing and restoring furniture. Readers will learn how to save

List Price: $ 14.95

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